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"I would like to highly recommend the program 'Animal Experiences'. It is a wonderful, exciting, hands on program for children of all ages. Dave has a kind, gentle manner about him. His presentation captures the attention of both young and old. Animal Experiences is a positive learning experience, where children are holding and observing animals while learning about them. Even the most timid child, (or adult) will get involved and thoroughly enjoy it".

" I have used this program in my classroom as well as for my son's birthday party. I have never had a child or parent leave disappointed".    Kim Peecher, Rockwell Elementary School
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"Dave Marchetti's show 'Animal Experiences is always a crowd pleaser. Dave is a wealth of information. His calm easy-going manner holds the attention of children and adults alike. Animal Experiences has become a December tradition that patrons look forward to each year".     Pamela Perdue, Youth Services Coordinator East Providence Public Library

"Dave is a celebrity at our school! His fun hands on interactive and informative dicoveries captivate our children and staff alike. He has a wonderful nature with children. We always anxiously await his next visit !" Ann McAree, Director, Red Brick School

"Dave Marchetti helps childrenlove and care for their animals. Whether the animal has fur or scales, Dave knows all about it. His gentle manner with children and kindness toward animals coupled with his expertise make him a highly effective program presenter".    Karen Lambe, Early Childhood Developer, Providence Children's Museum

Animal Experiences is fully insured.

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