Owner and presenter of Animal Experiences is Dave Marchetti. He has a bachelor's degree in biology and owned his own pet store before managing one of the largest pet stores in New England for many years.
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Some goals behind Animal Experiences are: educating the audience to appreciate and respect reptiles and small animals without being afraid of them and learning which animals make good pets and which are inappropriate and the reasons why, while having the thrill of not just looking but handling the animals on their own. Nothing works as well as hands-on experience when teaching children. Photos of children (and adults) with ear to ear grins holding their favorite animal are great keepsakes and have on occasion have been used for Christmas cards.

Whether the program is for a birthday party, a preschool group, elementary school or middle school Dave can tailor his program to your needs. The show is great fun for any size group but truly makes a bigger impression on children when the group is small. For preschoolers a 30 minute program for 15 children works better than a 60 minute program for 30 children. Generally for children older than 6 or 7 years an hour program works great. If you have a large group all Dave requires is some helpful adults willing to assist with the hands on part of the program. In many cases with library shows where crowds sometimes are well over a hundred Dave will use as many as ten or twelve volunteers.
Animal Experiences is fully insured.

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