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About Us

Animal Experiences is a program that focuses on bringing children and adults closer to nature through the use of entertaining and educational shows. The show is ideal for birthday parties, pre-school groups, elementary schools, and middle schools. The shows can also be tailored to other groups. In this time of Coronavirus, in addition to live shows for small groups I have been doing virtual shows as well. The school and library shows done virtually have been a hit, please call for details.

Fun That’s Educational, Too!

Animal Experiences strives to help children and adults learn about, appreciate, and respect reptiles, amphibians, and other small animals. Furthermore, we help people overcome their fear of these animals. Many times, this fear stems from a misunderstanding of these animals, and that’s what Dave hopes to remedy with these exciting and hands-on shows.

The Hands-On Zoo That Comes to You!

Not only will attendees learn about the animals Dave presents, but they will also get a chance to touch and hold many of the animals, further enhancing the memorable experience. The hands-on nature of our shows truly do form lasting memories in children, which is unmistakably evident in their ear-to-ear grins, you will not find a more hands-on show.

In addition, our programs give children and their parents a sense of which reptiles and small animals would be appropriate choices for families considering alternative pets.

About Dave Marchetti

Dave has a bachelor’s degree in biology and owned his own pet store before managing one of the largest pet stores in New England for many years. Dave has been presenting his animals to children and adults while telling educational and exciting stories about them for many years. He has entertained all types of groups and people of all ages, from preschoolers to nursing home residents, to libraries, cub scouts, birthday parties, and more.

You have never experienced a hands-on zoo quite like this. Contact Animal Experiences, a fully insured company, to present a show near you.


“Dave Marchetti’s show ‘Animal Experiences is always a crowd pleaser. Dave is a wealth of information. His calm easy-going manner holds the attention of children and adults alike. Animal Experiences has become a December tradition that patrons look forward to each year.”
– Pamela Perdue, Youth Services Coordinator East Providence Public Library

“Dave has been visiting my preschool classroom for years and it’s always the highlight of the month! Dave has such a gentle way with both his animals and children. He asks questions and takes the time to answer the children’s. It’s so rewarding to see shy children touch and hold animals they were nervous about seeing. We love Dave and highly recommend his program for an educational setting or party.”
– Ellen Gordon, Red Brick School

“Dave Marchetti’s program is fun and informative. We’re always fascinated at how he can hand animals to young children and they automatically understand and mirror his gentle nature and approach. Dave’s love of animals and his ability to educate the audience in a respectful and engaging way is why we keep hiring him year after year — he’s incredible.”
-Aimee Fontaine, Children’s Librarian Exeter Public Library

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