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Animal Experiences

Dave Marchetti has been an animal lover his entire life. He started as a pet store owner before he moved onto the hands-on zoo, where he now brings the animal experience to you!

An Adventure for All Ages

Our Experience is designed to be a low-key, no pressure adventure for children and adults. Dave, referred to as “Dave the Animal Man” by many students who see him regularly, takes pride in helping people feel more comfortable with the animals he presents.

Overcome Your Fear of Some Animals

One of the most amazing facts about our Experience is that it helps many men, women, and children overcome their fear of small animals, amphibians, and reptiles. Some people had a lifelong fear of snakes before they attended one of our shows. Now they know more about these amazing reptiles, and they have a newfound appreciation for them.

All Types of Animals

You never know what types of animals you will see at one of our shows. Because each of our shows includes such a wide range of animals, there is something that is sure to appeal to everyone.

Book Your Adventure Today!

We are pleased to answer any questions you may have about our events or the booking process. If you live in Rhode Island, Southeastern or Central Massachusetts, or Eastern Connecticut, we will come to you to show you just how amazing and fun mother nature can be.

Whether you have a birthday party coming up or are looking for a program for preschoolers, elementary or middle schoolers, library or camp or you have some other kind of show in mind, call and book your experience today.

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